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In the era of digital transformation E-Shot360 is a unique solution to digitize pyhisical products. The digitized products can be used at any stage from production to sales.


The E-Shot360 technology is an AI supported photography system which is shooting 360 degree photos, removes their backgrounds, adds logos or texts on images etc. All is done automatically without a need of a photographer, studio or any third party softwares.

E-Shot360 technology creates 360 degree presentations to exemine products with all details from all angles.


Unique Technology For Collection and Sample Presentations

E-Shot360 was created especially for companies which have their production abroad and also presenting their collecitons to other companies.

​With this technology, fitting discussions and product presentations can be made online at any time and anywhere.

​The high shippment costs and the consumed time untill the products arrive to it final destination can be avoided with E-Shot360

​The digital presentations will eleminate the shippment of unnecessary samples. That will avoid the shippment costs, the return process of unnecessary samples.

Fit Checking on Fit Mannequins

With the special turning device for dummys it is possible to shoot 360 degree photos on fit dummys. This way any person can examine the product from all angles with all details.

The products can be shoot also from the inner side which will allow to view all the internal stitchings and details. The E-Shot360 software is combinning the shootings automatically.


Size Set Checking On Fit Mannequins

Also Size Sets can be presented together. If a shooting is defined as size set, the E-Shot360 software will combine all the shooting and will allow to view the sizes in one window for comparisation.


Online Collection Presentetions

All the collection samples can be presented online without spending any shippment cost. The samples that the customer will not like will be eleminated during the digital presentations. This way only the choosen samples will be send to the customer.


Automatic Color Variations

The AI in E-Shot360 software is analysing every pixel on the image. With this technology the recognized colors on the image can be replaced with any pantone color without effecting any details of the product. This allows to make presentations in different colors without producing it. 


Online Presentation Technologies

E-Shot360 software can create PDF catalouges. By adding links to the PDF files a 360 degree presentation catalouge with hundreds of products can be send trough email to any person.

It is also possible to create GIF or Video animations from the products.

As option we provide also a web based product presentation portal. This special interface helps the user to create colections for customers in seconds. 

Digital Archive

All the product photos can be tagged according its specifications. By tagging the products with product name, fabric type, color, design etc. the products can be filtered according the specifications.


E-Shot360 can be integrated to any company without effecting the existing workflow. After a 1 day training E-Shot360 can be used by any person without the need of any special skills.

E-Shot360 can connect to any ERP System to get the existing data from any model.

More Than Photo Shooting.......

E-Shot360 is an unique technology for online product presentations. E-Shot360 technology offers solutions from touchscreen kiosks to special screens, from IOS/Android to desktop applications.

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