E-Shot360 is a photography technology which eleminates the need of a photographer, studio or any other editing softwares. It is shooting 360 degree photos, removing the background and adding logo or texts to the images automatically. After a 1 day training E-Shot360 can be used by any person.

It is equipped with a Canon Eos 5D MarkIV camera, a Canon 24-70 Lens and with special lighting which provides daylight inside the cabin. Every action can be controlled directly from the computer without touching the camera.

The computer controlled camera, can move up and down and the position can be saved for next shootings.

The turntable on the buttom has a loading capacity of 200 Kilogram. The special device on the top can hold any kind of dummy for dummy shootings.

Every settings like light, camera, turntable etc. can be made trough the E-Shout360 software without touching the machine.


Auto Background Removal

The AI system in E-Shot360 is recognizing the object inside the cabin and removes the background automatically. The object inside the cabin can be used with and background color or image. The software will make all the changes for all the 360 degree images.

The 360 degree shooting time takes 40 seconds. All the rendering process like background changing, logo adding etc. takes about 3,5 minutes. After that the products is ready to present in 360 degrees.


Logo Editor

E-Shot360 can add logos or texts to images. Once the logo, the position, the occupacity is defined, E-Shot360 can use the logo for all the images without any extra effort.

Tag Editor

All the images can be tagged according the product specifications. Those taggings are saved directly inside the image.

This feature allows the users to create digital archives in simple folders and they can be filtered by tags. This tags also improve the SEO. Images with tags can be found easier on search engines.

Video - GIF - PDF 

E-Shot360 software provides a presentation editor where users can create Video, GIF or PDF presentations. Those presentations can be created in any size.

It is also possible to create online catalouges with the PDF creator. By adding links to the images anybody can reach the 360 degree presentations trough this PDF files.