E-Shot360 is a unique photography technology which is eleminating the need of a professional photo studio, photographer, and any editing softwares. Shooting 360 degree photos, removing and replacing backgrounds and tagging all the pictures can be done with just one mouse click.

The special designed turntable allows to shoot 360 degree photos in minutes in any angle distance required

Once the settings are made during the installation of the machine, everything runs automatically trough simple mouse clicks.

After a one day training the system can be used by any person and hundreds of products can be shoot and edited in a single day.

The E-Shot360 technology creates the HTML files automatically and products get ready in seconds for 360 degree presentations.

E-Shot360 creates JPEG, TIFF, PNG and RAW files. The presentation editor inside the software gives the possibility to create videos from selected frames or PDF catalouges for online presentations.

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